Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are the perfect place for wreck diving. There are lots of wrecks in the area. So this should be your destination of choice, if you are interested in wreck diving in the Dominican Republic. 

Tanya Wreck 
And right in front of our dive base there is the Tanya V wreck. It was sunk on October 21st 1999, creating a new dive site for local and visiting divers alike. And so it is no wonder that it was the Neptuno team who explored the wreck first and set the buoy! Approximately 195 feet/65m. in length, the Tanya V now rests quietly on a sand bank at depth of 22-34m, making it a good deep dive for experienced, advanced divers. Although it's going to take time and patience for marine life to flourish, already Tanya V has acquired her very own barracuda guard! 

Click below for some sketches of the Tanya V wreck:

Another interested wreck for diver, directly at our housereef in Boca Chica is the "Catuan", a new wreck since December 2006. It can be found in a depth from 24 to 60 feet / 20 m. Around the wreck you can find also a beautiful reef.

La Caleta 
You are invited to come with us to a half day trip to the underwater national park of La Caleta. The "Limon", a 115 feet/35 m tug boat and the famous "Hickory", Bowman's treasure hunting boat, a 130 feet/40 m transport freighter, both lying perfectly in 60 feet/18 m depth. 

We offer special wreck dive excursions visiting the most interesting wrecks during a half-day trip. For further information please contact us.

Click here for a map of our dive sites on the south coast.