The Neptuno team dive in cave systems near Santo Domingo. It is a system of grottos following the former coastline of the Dominican Republic millions of years ago. During this time when the island rose slowly from the sea the retreating water has undermined the less resistant parts of the rocks and created large galleries and tunnels in the affected area. In the past millennia stalactites and stalagmites have been formed inside the "Cueva Taína" by minerals, which were contained in the water filtrating through the pores of the rocks during the rain periods. 

For more experienced divers or cave courses we can also go to follow caves: "El Tildo".

Therefore the cave will be an unforgettable experience for divers - a world highlight for all certified divers in crystal clear water. For our cave course system please have a look at our training site.

Click here for a map of of the cave TAINA.