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All dives include guide, tank and weights.
1 dive US$   42.00
3 dives US$ 120.00
6 dives US$ 228.00
10 dives US$ 350.00
Night dive - extra fee
Tank, weight, U/W lamp and emergency signal
US$   25.00
Dive Pro Package
Reef dive, cave diving, Catalina Island, Tanya V wreck
all excursions including 6 dives
US$ 350.00
Super Pro Package
Reef dive, cave diving, Catalina, Tanya V, La Caleta
all excursions including 8 dives
US$ 460.00
Prices for equipment rental are per day
Full equipment set
Mask, snorkel, fins, octopus, BCD, wetsuit
US$ 16.00
Compass US$   5.00
Dive computer US$ 10.00
U/W lamp US$ 10.00
Digital fotocamera incl. CD US$ 20.00
15 ltr. tank - extra fee US$   3.00
Prices for excursions don't include the dives.
Wreck Tour - Special
Half-day-excursion to Bayahibe, wreck St. Georges and reefdive, incl. transport  and  soft drinks
US$ 79.00
Catalina Island
Whole-day-excursion incl. bus, boat ride, lunch and national drinks
US$ 769.00
Cave Dive - Special
Half-day-excursion to the Taino Cave, incl. bus, entrance fee, snacks and soft drinks
US$ 69.00
La Caleta
Half-day-excursion to the underwater national park with wrecks of the Hickory and the Limon, incl. bus, boat ride, entrance fee, snacks and soft drinks
US$ 35.00
Coco Beach
Half-day-excursion - snorkelingtrip, incl.boat ride, equipment, lunch and soft drinks
US$ 49.00
Dive Courses
All necessary equipment included in the price.
Scuba Skill Refresher
Refresher course in the pool
US$   50.00
Discover Scuba Diving
Pool classes, theory and 1 dive
US$   75.00
Scuba Diver
2 days, pool classes, theory and 2 dives
US$ 220.00
Open Water Diver
4 days, pool classes, theory, 4 dives and certification
US$ 420.00
Advanced Courses
All necessary equipment included in the price.
Advanced Adventures
2 ½ days, 5 dives and certification
US$ 330.00
Emergency First Response
First aid, not only for divers
US$ 130.00
Rescue Diver
Being capable to help others in a case of emergency
US$ 440.00
The first step on your way to become a  professional
US$ 500.00
The way to become a instructor
US$ 300.00
Assistant Instructor
On your way to become a dive instructor
US$ 750.00
Nitrox Diver I+II (max. 40% O2)
US$ 750.00
Specialty Courses
Deep Diver U/W Navigator
High Performance Buoancy Night Diver
Drift Diving Boat Diver
Equipment Specialist Wreck Diver
Project A.W.A.R.E. Coral Reef Diver
U/W Photography

All prices on request.

Photos from your dive
incl. postprocessing  US$  30.00